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Summer Camps

Our summer camps are for all FALL 2023 School Term: 3rd-8th Grade Boys & Girls

We have a great selection of camps for the 2023 summer! Scroll down to read a brief description of each camp.

2023 Summer Camps


  • Open to ANY and ALL boys & girls in grades 3rd-8th.
  • Players do NOT need to be evaluated to participate.
  • Each camp is 4 consecutive days.
  • All players must bring their own basketball to camp.
  • Morning Camp times are 9a-12p.
  • Afternoon Camp times are 1:30p-4:30p.
  • Players that sign up for the All-Day option will need to bring their own lunch.
  • 10:1 player-to-coach ratio.
  • Groups are divided by grade level, gender, and talent.
  • All basketball campers receive an M14Hoops logo shirt for participation.
  • After you have completed camp registration, there will be no communication from our staff until the Wednesday before the camp you signed up for!
  • Early registration is encouraged- we do anticipate selling out!
  • All camps will be held at the Mojo Up Sports Complex at Finch Creek (16289 Boden Road, Noblesville, IN 46060)




1 CAMP - $200 

Any 2 Camps - $350

Any 3 Camps - $500

All-Day Camp - $375


All Day Camp lUNCH oPTIONS

1) Camper can bring their own lunch

2) Camper can order lunch from Blu Moon Cafe located in the concessions at the Mojo Up Sports Complex at Finch Creek 

(Lunch Menu attached below)


JULY 10TH-13Th | pM


This Camp is for any player who wants to improve their  a perimeter skills and IQ! The point guard position has evolved from a ‘pass first’ position to a ‘play making’ position that involves passing AND scoring the ball. Point guards must be able to break down the defense draw extra defenders, and make the right decision. At camp, players will learn how to create offense for their team an improve their decision making. 

june 5TH-8TH | pM
JULY 24TH-27TH | aM


It is uniquely structured by having 2 days dedicated to each skill. The shooting portion gives players a clear understanding of the proper technique for shooting as well as a ton of reps on different ways a player gets their shot off. The technique portion is extremely specific and players get a true understanding of the 3 phases to a perfect jump shot. The defensive portion of camp creates a fun and energetic environment. Players learn the proper stance, footwork, IQ and the passion it takes to defend. Players will also learn team defensive concepts as well. As we like to say at M14 “offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships!”

JUNE 26TH-29th | Am
JULY 17th-july 20TH | PM



ANKLE. BREAKING. RESULTS. In the game of basketball today, every player needs to be able to dribble. This intense 4-Day camp will focus on the fundamentals of dribbling and also teach players advance 1on1 attack moves that will allow them to beat any defender off the dribble. The great thing about Explosive Handles is that it breaks down high level moves and makes them easy for players at any level to understand. This is the #1 Ball Handling Camp in the Nation!

JUNE 12TH-15TH | aM


The game of basketball has shifted towards a more up-tempo style of play, and as a result we are seeing more high scoring games. Today’s offenses are predicated on floor spacing which stretches the defense and opens up more driving lanes. With floor spacing, all 5 players need the ability to score. This camp will help players at all positions learn how to score in a variety of ways that includes: off the dribble, jab steps, in transition, using screens, and how to create space to get their own shot off.

JUNE 19TH-22nd | pM
JUly 10TH-13th | am


This camp will show why our shooting philosophy has helped some of the best shooters in the state have success. Each day the first half of camp will be dedicated to technique and form; where we will teach players the correct way to shoot the ball. Players will also learn different ways to get their own shot off in a game. The last 90 minutes of camp will be dedicated to repetition! Each player will get 100-150 shots up using the technique and methods they were just taught (catch & shoot, creating space, using screens, pull ups off the dribble, and moving without the ball). After this camp each player will have learned multiple ways to get their shot off and look good while doing it!

JUNE 19TH-22nd | aM
JULY 3rd-7TH | PM

(*off Tuesday, July 4th)


The structure of this camp is sure to offer players the opportunity to learn as well as use what they have learned in a real game! 

The first 75 minutes of camp will be dedicated to skill work.  Players will learn different ways to score, handle the ball and also they will work on shooting!  

Then after that is over ... LET'S PLAY!!!




3x3 has been a basketball format long played in streets and gyms across the world.  It is a great way to introduce concepts that will work seamlessly in 5on5.  At M14, we play 3on3 all the time in our Spring and Fall Academy Training Program and use it a lot during team practices.  WHY? Great question …

  1. 3on3 means each player touches the ball more & can’t hide on the court
  2. 3on3 makes it easier to identify defenses issues
  3. 3on3 forces players to be aggressive.

While all those reasons are great, players still need to learn the concepts they will use in 3on3 and that’s the point of this camp! We will drill offensive concepts such as court spacing, drive & kick, moving without the ball, attacking the correct gaps and making the right pass and then challenge players to use those concepts when we play 3on3.  We also will drill DEFENSIVE concepts as well, such as help defense, defensive rotations and on the ball defense.  This camp will be full of learning and playing. 

***We WILL NOT be taking request for teams.  We understand that playing with friends is fun however that is not the focus of the camp.  We will use the first day to evaluate players to make sure teams are even. We will mix teams up each day. The focus of the camp is learning and playing. The focus is NOT putting the all the best players on one team.***  

JUne 26TH-JUNE 29th | PM
july 3rd-7th| am

(*off Tuesday, July 4th) 



“In the Lab” is a phrase used in the basketball world to describe players who have been working tirelessly on their game and the results can easily be seen.  We are bringing that same work ethic for this camp! Each day we will work on different skills and concepts. When players leave this camp and return to their teams it will be easy to see that they have “been in the lab” working on their game!

Also, we will utilize the film room as well with the players.  Film room break down videos will be great to help increase each players IQ!

Day 1: Can you handle the roc?: This day will focus on ball handling. Stationary all the way up to advance moves. Players will play 1on1 to help perfect their skills.  Day 1 will surely help players put the ball on a string.

Day 2: Lights out shooting!: This day will focus on shooting! Catch & shoot, shots on the move, drive & kick, shooting 3’s and more!  Footwork & technique are the foundation to all great shooters and we will address that as well!  Competition on Day 2 will be more 1on1, 2on2 and of course HOT SHOT!

Day 3: Don’t forget about the intangibles: This day will spend time on the intangibles.  Passing, defense, court spacing, transition and IQ.  Day 3 will run like a team practice so the competitions will be fun and extremely competitive. Check out our IG page to see drill break downs from this past winter season to get a better understanding!  

Day 4: Let’s put it all together! What’s the point in “being in the lab,” if you can’t show it!?! On day 4 we will review each day and then play! 3on3, 4on4 and more!